Main goals

  • Encourage scientific debates in Portuguese;
  • Strengthen proximity and relationship among Portuguese-speaking countries’ scientists;
  • Boost and consolidate contacts within science networks;
  • Promote knowledge exchanges and foster research infrastructures’ shared use;
  • Enhance the discussion of currently relevant scientific topics in a comprehensive and cross-cutting way.

Discussion topics

  • Social lift – the role of Higher Education
  • Climate change, truth and consequences
  • Space, new frontiers and opportunities
  • Technology development: the children of the abacus
  • Biodiversity: the law of the strongest
  • PhD scholarships – special session: scholarship holders
  • Agriculture: from the plough to the satellites
  • Health and medicine, Hippocrates in the XXI century
  • Anthropocene: man Vs environment
  • The digital revolution and AI: why, how and for whom
  • Physics and development
  • Ocean, the heart of the planet
  • Global science, connecting the dots

Debates layout

  • Platform: videoconferences via Zoom or equivalent platforms

    *If possible, there may also be face-to-face sessions

  • Sessions length: 1h45/2h00

  • Sessions Structure:

– Introduction to the topic by keynote speaker (15/20 mins);

– Round table debate with guest speakers (50/60 mins);

– Q&A.